Struggling with trusting God while waiting to get pregnant?

Increase your faith and optimize your fertility with this guide!

I’ve been where you are...

6 months after marrying the love of my life we were hit with ‘baby fever’ and decided we’d start a family.

If only it were that easy!

A few months passed, then a year and nothing. I was stuck and wondering what was I doing wrong? 

Was it the birth control I was on previously, not yet out of my system? Were my eggs okay? What about his sperm?

We tried and we tried.

After some time and two very traumatic miscarriages we had success! Finally, a BFP that stuck!

What did I change to get my rainbow baby? My mindset and my health!

I prayed about a way to balance my hormones and gave my TTC journey to the Lord, now I teach other women to do the same!

What if...

instead of feeling like you are constantly trying to get your hopes up...

you push through each day being hopeful!

instead of feeling defeated and discouraged by a pregnancy test

you overcome each cycle knowing what changes to make for the next!

instead of being consumed by the TTC journey

you allow yourself to be consumed by God’s grace and love!

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